MOVE.BG Hosts Exhibition about Lost and Preserved Nature of Bulgaria

The initiative is organized by the youth organization of WWF Bulgaria. The event will take place between 16 and 18 September.

От МOVE.BG, публикувана на 12 септември 2022

Do we see nature around us or do we take it for granted? And is it a given? Are we aware of what we have to lose and what we have already lost?

Learn the answers to these questions in an unconventional and interesting way. MOVE.BG will host the exhibition The Beauty and Ugliness of Bulgaria, which will be part of this year's edition of the “KvARTal Festival”, in which MOVE.BG will participate again. The exhibition is organized by "PanGea" - the newly formed youth organization of our partners within the Green Restart Coalition - WWF Bulgaria. 

See the exhibition between September 16-18 at the MOVE.BG House - 20 Str. Serdika. The official opening will take place on September 16 (Friday) at 7 PM EET.

The Initiative

The exhibition will present the ten best participants in “The Beauty and Ugliness of Bulgaria” competition - the first initiative of PanGea. Each participant submits two photos - one representing a preserved part of Bulgarian nature (the beauty) and one dedicated to a destroyed part of it (the ugliness).

“Bulgaria is a country full of amazing nature and cultural heritage. At the same time, a thoughtless human activity often destroys this beauty irrevocably,” PanGea explains, adding:

"The aim of the photo contest is to bring into focus this contrast between the beauty destroyed by man and that which still continues to delight us. To provoke Bulgarians to think about the vast natural and cultural treasures that have been lost and the preservation of those that are still around us."

See the ten best photos from the competition during the days of the “KvARTal Festival 2022” - between September 16-18. Join us at the MOVE.BG House - 20 Str. Serdika, 1st floor, Sofia. The opening of the exhibition will be on September 16 (Friday) at 19:00.

Green Restart Coalition

The Green Restart Coalition was established by MOVE.BG in June 2020. It is unprecedented because it unites for the first time organizations from the innovative ecosystem and environmental NGOs. Green Restart Coalition includes MOVE.BG, WWF Bulgaria, “Greenpeace”-Bulgaria, the “Institute for Circular Economy” and their networks of scientists, environmentalists, innovative businesses, NGOs, and thousands of citizens supporting the activities of the four organizations. The Coalition is working on a number of initiatives in support of green recovery and the long-term sustainable and innovative development of Bulgaria.

Within one year, the Green Restart Coalition published five expert opinion papers with recommendations for improving the National Recovery and Resilience Plan and created a special project called "Bulgaria's Future History Textbook". Since October 2021, the Coalition has been working on supporting the implementation of a horizontal, holistic, and long-term approach towards climate change and green transformation in Bulgaria. Some of the initiatives in this direction are a campaign for the establishment of a special position for sustainable development management in Bulgaria - Deputy Prime Minister for Climate Transition and Green Transformation and in the foreseeable future Ministry for Climate Transition and Green Transformation as well as supporting the net-zero transition in Bulgaria.

In June 2022, we brought together over 50 of Bulgaria's leading experts in the fields of innovative business and green innovation, energy transition, bioeconomy, circular economy, nature-based solutions, and sustainable finance. They outlined the main challenges to Bulgaria's sustainable development and generated over 150 recommendations for reforms to overcome them - we summarised the ideas in the special report "Mission Green Bulgaria".

The Green Restart Coalition also organizes discussions with politicians, scientists, business and state representatives, meetings with the diplomatic community, EU representatives, and media organizations, and workshops, dedicated to sustainable development challenges.

Learn more about the Green Restart Coalition's initiatives here.

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