MOVE.BG BulletIN April, 2016

От Sasha Bezuhanova, публикувана на 19 май 2016

The most important event for MOVE.BG last month was the beginning of our economic program. Under the program, we seek answers to what are the important factors for growth, what are the potentials of our country, how they can be developed. We will try to identify carriers of new ideas and ways to obtain systematic support for our common prosperity.

April was the month in which we celebrated the first anniversary of our historic project My Bulgarian history. This year hundreds of stories from the past of Bulgaria came to life on the interactive map In another event "History for everyone" we have celebrated 140 years since the April uprising, philosophy of which, is an inspiration for our project, dedicated to collective participation and contribution to a whole new reading of Bulgarian history. We got together and our first Digital gathering in Sofia.

We traced and another change of electoral rules whereby again conjunctural electoral bargaining between political players replaced the principal decisions. The expert in MOVE.BG program "Elections:Direction future", Daniel Stefanov commented controversial moments and reasons for frequent redrawing the rules. You can also learn more about the electoral process in Bulgaria and make your choice for change in electoral rules through Handbook for electoral reform.

In the context of the constant struggle for supremacy between the rule of law and the use of institutions for personal gain we spoke with Prof. Christian Takoff for qualities and morals of those in whose hands the fate of the Bulgarian legislation lays.

At our monthly meeting with failure - Nights for dreamers, we were delighted to laugh over creative failures of three dreamers in the field of culture - the artist Boris Delchev, cultural entrepreneur Vesselina Sarieva and composer Peter Dundakov.

And in May, with respect to our belonging to the European club yet to hear about failures in the way of the success of the three ambassadors of the European idea in Bulgaria.

At the end of this month we celebrate one of the brightest Christian holiday Easter. On behalf of our team I wish each of you, your loved ones and all Bulgarians to rise belief in the power that we carry, to revive the self-esteem and trust between us, to realize as a community that the difficulties we are experiencing now are а path to our personal and shared happiness.