"Serdika 20": MOVE.BG Moves to the Heart of Sofia

Here, where the pulse of public life is felt the strongest, in the historic city center of Sofia; MoveBG is expecting spring and the start of a new beginning.

От МOVE.BG, публикувана на 9 март 2015

Our new address is 20 Serdika Str – one of the most emblematic locations in Sofia

Situated on the site of ancient Serdika; a place that incorporates a colourful kaleidoscope of religious, cultural and ethnic diversity; a place that is the home of 4 religious temples – an ancient symbol of tolerance and peaceful coexistence; a place of spiritualization with the lifeblood of spring water running through it. After a year and a half of learning, exploring and succeeding in our belief that the time for change has come to Bulgaria, today we are wiser and more confident in our actions, and realize that the inclusion of more supporters is crucial to turn Bulgaria into a better place to live. To be able to seek and create sustainable solutions for Bulgaria, together with you, we traded our mountain home with our new space in the heart of the city.

Standing on the foundations of 7000 years of continuous history, at the crossroads of one of the oldest roads in Europe – linking Western Europe with Asia Minor and the Middle East, in a beautiful building from the first half of the last century - keeping the spirit of Old Sofia, we will be continuing our achievements and bridging eternal values with the insistent demands of modern times. The ambitions of the ancients are hidden in the domes of the churches, the tops of minarets, in the ancient archeological sites; they run through the mineral water springs and in the pulse of the modern city.

Finding solutions for Bulgaria is a common task for all of us

Our mission is to create new forms of civic participation. In our new home, we provide and share a space to work; continue organizing online discussions and debates with an even more engaged audience.

In the upcoming months the activities of MOVE.BG will pass through all the symbols that our new place represents: tolerance, sustainability, inclusiveness, and common action. Soon we will host a number of events we hope you will share with us! Follow us!

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