One year anniversary of “My Bulgarian History” project

От МOVE.BG, публикувана на 19 май 2016

Sometimes, by the great people whom official history remembers stand others, not so popular people, who have not found a place in historical documents. They, however, have a story to tell too, they experience historical events, remember them and hand them on to future generations. Such is the story of Dr. Boris Razskolkov – one of the people who had been beside Boris III in his last hours.

His niece - Christine Razsolkova, told us his story at the second edition of “History for everyone”

As Christine mentioned, while telling us for her ancestral house at Vitosha and Solunska, it would be difficult to live in the old house of uncle Boris, due to the nature of the lifestyle of bygone eras. Despite the differences between generations, family memory is the one that has kept generations together in the course of the years until today. Often we try to replace the memories with their material expressions.

Years ago, our pictures were hidden under sheets of rice paper, today they are in the digital archives of our personal computers and online.

But the intangible dimension of memories, what has the most value, is memory. With the dynamics of today's world it is extremely important to keep this memory by all possible means. "My Bulgarian History" took up this difficult task by using the power of modern technology to support the preservation of the past. Yes, indeed, modern lifestyle leads to many differences, technological improvements and innovation. We often take them for granted and we are now so accustomed to them that we cannot even imagine how previous generations lived without these amenities. This very same idea was the basis of our efforts for "My Bulgarian history" all year long - using modern technology to make the past accessible and familiar. From the interactive digitizing stories that we do on Gatherings, through the materials that we prepare in "History for everyone" to your participation in our online campaigns for 3rd of March and #SELFIESBABATI. The map of "My Bulgarian history" is gradually turning into a virtual archive of the personal experience of history and our common past. Your memories, the inspiring stories of people who have contributed to Bulgaria even after they have left their homeland, family history and little-known places, streets and houses – are all small pieces from the puzzle of our common past.

The most important lesson that we find in the stories of the map is that of values.

The stories are not just curiosities, they are teachings about the life and beliefs of people that we read about and whose stories we tell. Each story on our map is a small step towards understanding values, because they are one of the most important things that we can carry from the past. Because in a world of change and crises, in a world of innovations and thousands of ways for development that face each of us, values should be our foundation. If you do not remember or carry them through the generations, isn’t there a danger of getting lost in the wrong direction? Such lessons we found in the story of George Dangov from our Christmas campaign #SELFIESBABATI: his great-grandfather abandoned his family to take part in the Balkan War - a true example of how common action and the struggle for the national idea was giving meaning to the lives of our ancestors.

Sometimes the path to values is long.

A long way such as that of the Grigorovi family upon their arrival from Ukraine to Bansko to lay the foundations of their new life. Or as the journey of the Yankelevich family for them to become one of the most influential families in Argentina. Long as that of all those who continue to work together in search of stories from around the world that inspire us. For one year we have all been guides and travellers in our mission to find the stories that are worth telling. And these are all of your stories. Because your story is our common history.


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