On grandmother's stories and #SELFIESBABATI

От МOVE.BG, публикувана на 26 януари 2016

In December the virtual historical map of Bulgaria “My Bulgarian history” initiated the campaign #SELFIEWITHYOURGRANDMA. There is no better time of the year for this as it is a time of spending family time in our cozy homes and that is why we chose December to urge you to not only take photos with your loved ones, but also ask for their untold stories.

We do this because we believe that any ancestral history worth to be told and preserved. Because we believe that life path of a man is largely determined by the life of his predecessors. Because when we speak of continuity in between generations, we  talk about knowledge and understanding of people, who were here before us.

Often we accept our  grandparents as a biographical fact. But they are much more than that - they are the carriers of our genetic memory - those who know and keep the history of our family, house, or street.

We have started #SELFIESBABATI with the belief that by sharing personal stories together we experience our common past and fill in the missing fragments in our collective historical memory. We thank those of you who participated in the campaign and made the stories of their ancestors accessible to all.

Your stories, at first sight very different, are united around the same time lasting value - love. Love -in all of its dimensions –to a man, to our family or to the territory we call homeland.

Such is the story of a lover, who stoped electricity around Pleven,in order to signal his sweetheart that it was time for date, or the one of an impossible love between two youths, fulfilled 20 years later in an unusual way as well as the father, who on the eve of the Balkan war, contrary to law and common sense sacrifice his live for the sake of the ideal of national unity.

These and many other stories you will find a map of My Bulgarian history.

Join with a story about your region, family or an exciting story for the past of an eminent fellow citizen!

More about the project:

My Bulgarian history is an interactive map of Bulgaria, in which everyone together write and share story. The one that often remains untold - little-known facts about our common past and important public figures, as well as our personal history –of our families, our house or our street. "My Bulgarian History" is a project of civic platform MOVE.BG.

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