MOVE.BG-Initiated Green Restart Coalition Calls for Establishment of a Deputy PM for Climate Transition and Green Transformation

Bulgaria urgently needs a special structure for coordination of the green agenda and sustainable development, write MOVE.BG, WWF Bulgaria, Greenpeace-Bulgaria, and “Institute for Circular Economy”.

От МOVE.BG, публикувана на 12 октомври 2021

MOVE.BG-initiated Green Restart Coalition has sounded the alarm about the need for the establishment of a dedicated Deputy Prime Minister who should coordinate climate transition and green transformation in the country. The movement which unites MOVE.BG, WWF Bulgaria, Greenpeace-Bulgaria, and the “Institute for Circular Economy” has sent an Open Letter to the caretaker government, the President, and the registered candidates for MPs and President. The initiative comes a month ahead of the November 14 super election day when Bulgaria will hold 2 in 1 election - the third General Elections in the country this year and the regular Presidential elections.  

According to the Green Restart Coalition, Bulgaria lacks coordination and a holistic approach to limit the effects of climate change and biodiversity loss, which creates several serious challenges for the country, including unpreparedness for the intensifying consequences of the climate crisis. Therefore, the country urgently needs a new and special governance structure for the acceleration of the green agenda and sustainable development as the country is the EU member-state with the most carbon-intensive and resource-inefficient economy. 

The new governance structure should have several main functions, including the coordination of the policies and actions of key ministries and departments related to the climate crisis and the green transformation of the Bulgarian economy. The Deputy PM should be responsible for reforming and coordinating carbon-intensive industries, including creating a clear plan and a holistic strategy for coal-exit that are fair to citizens, the environment, and business.

The Deputy Prime Minister should also ensure the full implementation of Bulgaria’s obligations under the “Next Generation EU” Recovery Mechanism and the European Green Deal as well as guaranteeing the financial resources provided for Bulgaria.

The powers of the Deputy Prime Minister for Climate Transition and Green Transformation should include the implementation of administrative reform to build internal capacity in state structures, ensuring effective preparation of Bulgaria for response and adaptation to the growing effects of climate change.

"Limiting the effects of climate change requires without delay a clear and coordinated national program, in line with the goals of Europe and the world,” says Sasha Bezuhanova, Founder of MOVE.BG and Initiator of the Green Restart Coalition.

“In Bulgaria, we need to turn the perspective and look beyond the risks of closing coal power plants and recognize and realize the opportunities associated with the green transition. Well managed, it provides a powerful impulse for the development of the innovative, green, and circular economy, reforming our energy system and developing renewable energy, protecting natural ecosystems and biodiversity, and effectively preparing people for living with respect for nature in the digitally connected world. We will achieve rapid progress in line with world standards only with coordinated program management at the highest level of green transformation and climate change in Bulgaria. That is why we propose the establishment of a Deputy Prime Minister with these functions in the next government.”

You can read the full text of the Open Letter here.

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