MOVE.BG and Partners Send Open Letter for Green Restart

MOVE.BG, Greenpeace-Bulgaria, WWF Bulgaria, and Institute for Circular Economy have launched a coalition "For a green restart."

От МOVE.BG, публикувана на 23 юли 2020

On July 23 the letter was sent to the Council of Ministers, the National Assembly, and the President of the Republic of Bulgaria.

The common recovery program unprecedented for the European Union - "Next Generation EU". Broad support for the Green Deal as a key long-term political goal of the Member States. The support in the new financial programming period to invest 30% of the funds in the direction of a carbon-neutral and circular economy - are all opportunities that give a chance for a radically new look of Bulgaria and for our transformation into a modern, technologically and innovatively prosperous economy of the future. An economy that provides security, jobs, sustainability, protection, and restoration of the environment, through new technological solutions and change at all levels for the prosperity of the whole society. 

It is time for our country to become a regional, innovative, economic center, taking advantage of all the opportunities that open up before us, including the preparation and implementation of the National Recovery and Sustainability Plan, which will become a plan for green recovery - a green restart of the domestic economy, meeting and likening itself to the European Union's most ambitious goals.

Guided by this understanding and conviction, the Green Restart Coalition brought together over 50 of the leading Bulgarian experts in the fields of innovative business, science, and the civil sector. They gave their general and specific proposals for solutions and measures in the following areas:

  •   Green startups and innovations
  •   Circular economy
  •   Climate
  •   Energy
  •   Biodiversity and agriculture

The formation of this kind of alternative expert council is provoked by the lack of sufficient transparency and clarity about the government's plans for how Bulgaria's Recovery Plan will be developed, and especially how this plan will meet European criteria and goals and their achievement.

Based on the proposals of the experts, the Coalition has prepared general recommendations and specific measures in each of these five areas, which we send to you in an Annex to this open letter.

Additionally, the Coalition insists on:

  •       Full transparency and publicity of the processes for the preparation of the Bulgarian recovery plan under the economic package “Next Generation EU”;
  •       Clear and concrete linking of the measures under the recovery plan with the recommendations for reforms for Bulgaria, set out in the annual reports of the European Commission on the progress of the European Semester;
  •       Identification of the national priorities in the direction of the Green Deal, coinciding with the global and especially with the European goals and their connection with the recovery plan;
  •       Bulgaria to become an active contributor to the process of economic recovery in Europe based on the principles of the European Green Deal;
  •       The inclusion of representatives of the coalition "For a green restart" in the Advisory Council for the Green Deal, headed by Mr. Tomislav Donchev;
  •       The recovery of Bulgaria's economy after the coronavirus to be "green" and innovative, and to help resolve the climate crisis in which we find ourselves;
  •       To include program measures in line with European goals and the slogan - "no one left behind" in all areas;
  •       Involvement of the stakeholders in the processes of preparation of the strategic documents, in accordance with the European regulations, with a clear mechanism for acceptance of the proposals by the stakeholders.

The coalition "For a green restart" was formed after MOVE.BG launched an initiative to restart the Bulgarian economy with leading organizations in the innovative ecosystem. In parallel, WWF prepared a Manifesto for Green Recovery of the country's economy, which was supported by 50 organizations from across the spectrum of stakeholders, and a little earlier Greenpeace - Bulgaria published the report with recommendations "Back to the Future" and launched a campaign to recruit broad civic support through a petition for green recovery of Bulgaria.

In the coming months, the Coalition will continue to attract more experts and organizations that will work on supplementing the proposals for specific measures to be included in the National Recovery and Sustainability Plan of Bulgaria.

We are ready to participate in talks and consultations on these processes.

We enclose in the Annex (in Bulgarian) to this letter a list of the ideas and measures of the leading Bulgarian experts.

With respect:

Sasha Bezuhanova,

Founder of MOVE.BG

Vesselina Kavrakova,

Executive Director of WWF Bulgaria

Denitza Petrova,

Executive Director of Greenpeace-Bulgaria

Svetoslav Stoykov,

Co-founder and chairman of the Executive Board of Institute for Circular Economy

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