Open Letter: Green Restart via Innovation

An initiative of MOVE.BG, BESCO, Founder Institute Sofia, Junior Achievement Bulgaria, SofiaStartup, Zero Waste Bulgaria, Institute Circular Economy, and the Bulgarian Center of Women in Technology (BCWT).

От МOVE.BG, публикувана на 4 юни 2020

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On June 3, the "Coalition for Green Restart via Innovation" sent an open letter to Mr. Boyko Borissov - Prime Minister of the Republic of Bulgaria, Mr. Tomislav Donchev - Deputy Prime Minister, Mr. Emil Karanikolov - Minister of Economy, and Mr. Emil Dimitrov - Minister of Environment and Waters.

The coronavirus crisis has posed serious social and economic challenges in the world. At the same time, the recovery after COVID-19 is an opportunity for a new beginning: the creation of modern production and new jobs by stimulating green innovation in the economy. The European Union's leaders have united around the idea of ​​a green, sustainable recovery based on new and digital technologies. Europe's ambitious plan for a climate-neutral economy, the Green Deal, should not be postponed and Bulgaria should be part of these efforts.

Our country is able to successfully follow the path of a sustainable post-COVID-19 economic recovery only if it stimulates the transition to modern and clean industries that create new jobs and transformative and regenerative change through innovation and care for human health.

At the same time, Bulgarian innovative entrepreneurs are developing modern, high-tech green solutions that should be supported by the government and society. In schools and universities, we train the next generation of green and social entrepreneurs who will tackle environmental and social crises. Moreover, zero-waste organizations and activists have created a vibrant community by promoting sustainable living practices.

Today, these communities are the engine of economic and social mindset with the potential for development with respect for nature and the prevention of a potentially more serious crisis related to climate change and the lost balance of biological ecosystems. Investing in them today will contribute to the prosperity of our country and its deserved place in Europe and in the world tomorrow.

With this open letter we call to the Bulgarian government to ensure that Bulgaria's economic recovery will follow the principles of sustainable growth and the goals set in the Green Deal, among which are:

  • investing in new and clean technologies that do not harm health and nature;
  • support industrial innovation;
  • support smart green transport;
  • decarbonization of the energy sector;
  • improving the energy efficiency of buildings.

It is the time to support startups creating innovative green technology-based solutions, entrepreneurs who develop products and services with care for nature and people. Today, it is necessary to stimulate businesses so that they can transform their activities in harmony with environmental standards and to create program mechanisms for the development of the circular economy at the local and central levels. Last but not least we should support and disseminate recycling and zero-waste practices on a broad basis in our society.

We urge the Bulgarian government to adopt a program with concrete measures for the transition of the Bulgarian economy to green and sustainable policies, included in the European Green Deal without delay

It necessary to take the following concrete steps without delay, for the implementation of which we express our readiness to cooperate within the framework of consultative formats:

  1. Analysis of technological and regenerative development’s trends with the participation of the innovation community - businesses and academics;
  2. Defining the areas in which Bulgaria has a developed technological capacity. Identifying specific measures for priority support of innovative companies developing technologically advanced and green products and solutions in these key areas;
  3. Adoption of a program for broader popularization and application of zero-waste living, carbon neutrality, and the regenerative economy’s principles in people’s everyday life

It is time to join forces and protect our common home together - the Earth. Let’s support developing a modern and sustainable economy that protects our health and the health of our planet. Because our future tomorrow depends on our actions today.

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Coalition “Green Restart via Innovation”

Sasha Bezuhanova, founder and chairwoman of the MOVE.BG’s Board

Svetoslav Stoykov, co-founder and chairman of the Executive Board of Institute Circular Economy 

Irina Altunova, program coordinator of the Bulgarian Center of Women in Technology (BCWT)

Milena Stoycheva, chief executive officer of Junior Achievement Bulgaria

Dobromir Ivanov, chief executive officer of BESCO - the Bulgarian Startup Association

Yordan Atanassov, founder of SofiaStartup

Janer Todorova, Founder Institute Sofia

Blazhka Dimitrova, co-founder of Zero Waste Bulgaria


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