The Report “Mission Green Sofia: Prepared for the Future”

The Report, which contains 150 ideas, can be implemented by all municipalities in Bulgaria because its recommendations are aligned with the key directions for green development at the local government level in Bulgaria.

От МOVE.BG, публикувана на 17 май 2024

MOVE.BG has published a report with 150 ideas for a successful green transformation of Sofia and other municipalities in Bulgaria - view it here.  The recommendations in the report "Mission Green Sofia: Prepared for the Future" were given by 55 leading Bulgarian experts from different fields, which MOVE.BG gathered in a special group work format several weeks ago. Representatives of local authorities and the central government, experts from academia and the civil society sector, and representatives of business and the financial sector took part in the forum.

The recommendations made by the participants are summarised and grouped together to facilitate their use by the Municipality of Sofia and the other Bulgarian municipalities. The initiative uses as a model the largest municipality in Bulgaria - Sofia Municipality, to which it suits to be a model for green development for other municipalities in Bulgaria, because it is home to 20% of the country's population, Sofia is responsible for 40% of Bulgaria's GDP, and traditionally it focuses the main political and media attention to local government.

The Report covers five key areas for the successful green transformation of Sofia and other municipalities in Bulgaria:

  • Mainstreaming climate policies at the local government level
  • Implementation of a successful energy transition
  • Reform of urban planning and introduction of nature-based solutions
  • Involvement of business in the green transformation
  • Engagement of citizens and the role of communication in this process

View the Report in English in the window below, or click here.

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