MOVE.BG Connects Inspiring Innovators via Changemakers Platform

Our new project The ChangeMakers of Bulgaria aims to stimulate cross-sector dialogue and collaboration between the innovators from different background.

От Marin Marinov, публикувана на 21 февруари 2019

How could one innovative idea lead to a real change? Could a bold environmental project inspire more people with new approaches? How could emerging creative ideas become sustainable business models? Could brave cultural concepts widen their audience via cross-sector brainstorming?

We, in MOVE.BG, believe that the first step in finding the workable solutions is to connect innovators and to stimulate co-creation. The 21st innovators - social shapers, need space, an online platform for dialogue, sharing, and popularization of ideas.

In 2018, our team organized roadshow and meetings with local changemakers in seven cities in Bulgaria to stimulate the synergies when innovators work together. One answer was repeated everywhere: “we need to get in touch with other similar projects/initiatives/companies.”

The ChangeMakers of Bulgaria - a marketplace for innovators, develops this space and gives the power to the generators of societal and business value. The project unites Bulgaria’s creative potential - people who create our tomorrow: green-minded fighters for a healthier environment, brave artists who show the modern face of our country, generators of societal change, and entrepreneurs with bold business projects.

The platform has two main features: a virtual community and a map of Bulgaria’s innovators.

Inspired by the belief that expressing and discussing new ideas is the best way of making them sustainable, we embedded a social network in The ChangeMakers. The virtual space eliminates the physical borders and enables innovators to communicate at any time.

The lack of space for 24/7 collaboration and support is the main obstacle in the promotion of innovative projects. Moreover, the need for a platform for dialogue has become highly important in recent years and the MOVE.BG latest startup survey shows that 78% of Bulgaria-based innovative projects work for foreign markets.

The ChangeMakers platform aims to stimulate innovative thinking and to power the process of value creation with fresh and self-driven ideas. Moreover, the marketplace allows creative people and entrepreneurs to receive outside viewpoints from other social shapers, to share expertise, and to discuss new methodologies and approaches.

The map

The second feature of The ChangeMakers is an interactive map. As we believe that Bulgaria’s and global problems can be resolved with valiant and experimental projects, we give public space those emerging and innovative ideas by pinning the persons behind the projects.

The map has an initial list of 100 inspiring innovators in four key areas: green projects, initiatives for societal change, culture and art ideas, and digital projects and business initiatives.

The ChangeMakers is open for nominations of next “pins” on the map.

The first cohort was chosen in partnership with organizations we work closely in the last 5 years, and with our local partners in Burgas, Varna, Plovdiv, Stara Zagora, Veliko Tarnovo, Ruse, and the capital Sofia. The existing 100 “pins” will vote and chose the next changemakers.

Let’s share and see the inspiring innovators! Join The ChangeMakers of Bulgaria!


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