Realities: How do AR, VR, and MR collide with our RR?

For the first in Bulgaria, Vangavis and Artivive in partnership with MOVE.BG present the world-renowned exhibition “Realities”.

От Marin Marinov, публикувана на 11 март 2019

One of the world famous innovative exhibitions comes to Bulgaria - Realities: How do AR, VR, and MR collide with our RR?. The event is organized by MOVE.BG in partnership with innovation company Artivive of Kaloyan Ratchev and the art application Artivive.

Realities  analyzes how the augmented reality (AR), virtual reality (VR), and mixed reality (MR) collide with our reality (RR). The exhibition was first showcased during the Vienna Design Week and will be presented the first time in Bulgaria.

Realities consists of AR-based paintings from twenty global artists. Art connoisseurs will be able to see two realities - the RR along with the augmented world by downloading the free Artivive app.

The official opening will be held on March 14 at MOVE.BG with the participation of Kaloyan Ratchev from Vangavis.

Realities can be seen from March 14 until May 10 at MOVE.BG’s creative home - the House, at 20 Serdika str. in the capital Sofia.

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