We are making our tomorrow together

От Sasha Bezuhanova, публикувана на 20 февруари 2019

Our mission in MOVE.BG is to create an environment that inspires and drives change and to promote models and solutions for success in the 21st century. Since MOVE.BG foundation in 2013, we have shown faces and activities of innovators, the people that are awake and want to change Bulgaria positively.

We believe that connecting people with constructive ideas beyond their expert, political, and social affiliation is the main capital for creating sustainable change and we are building bridges for joint activities between all that today are building our perspective collective future . We know that this path requires time and awareness, but it is the authentic and therefore - irreversible.

 Why do we believe in this mission?

The world is facing a fundamental transformation due to global connectivity, the democratization of access to information, and the destroyed balance between humans and nature.

This transformation is provoking us to seek and find new solutions for societal change and individual progress. Moreover, it stimulates completely new business and societal models, requires a new value system in a world, where the artificial intelligence multiplies the code of the natural one.

The new time comes and establishes a new paradigm of connectivity, sharing, and co-creation. It changes the roles of individuals, communities, and countries and creates new opportunities for participation in the global process.

This fundamental change is an opportunity for Bulgaria - to play a much more significant role in the European Union (EU) and on the global scene as well as to stop perceiving itself as a poor, underprivileged, and losing nation.

Why does MOVE.BG believe that Bulgaria is a magnificent place to live? 

We have the resources:

  • Bulgarian nature is one of the best in the world;
  • we have the genes of an ancient culture;
  • our location is with geostrategic importance;
  • Bulgaria has lots of talented people in the country and around the globe who create transformational and innovative solutions for the new world in the business, art, and science;
  • we belong to the most influential global political and economic clubs - the EU and NATO.

How can we achieve it?

  • by understanding global development and innovative trends;
  • by recognizing and connecting the drivers of the culture of the new time, and spreading this culture together;
  • by promoting the innovators and changemakers as inspirational models in society;
  • by realizing our potential as a nation and defining solutions to the challenges that Bulgaria and the world are facing;
  • by formulating Bulgaria's development priorities on the basis of our potential, creating an environment for their social understanding and support, and lobbying for their structural validation and realization;
  • by educating ourselves constantly;
  • by asserting the name of Bulgaria as a nation-innovator.

How does MOVE.BG work to achieve this mission?

  1. We work for the self-confidence and self-determination of Bulgarians as people who have knowledge and skills to find solutions for local and global challenges.
  2. We understand how the new world works and spread this knowledge within society.
  3. We understand the global challenges, raise awareness about them, and stimulate finding innovative solutions in collaboration.
  4. We understand the advantages of Bulgaria and Bulgarians, creates and launches development and contribution solutions, popularizes good examples.
  5. We develop a community of people who are change agents, and we work to set those sociatal shapers as drivers of the Bulgaria's social-economic agenda.
  6. We work to develop Bulgaria as a nation-innovator.
  7. We aim to make Bulgaria the Balkans’ center of gravity and an important factor in the EU by transforming the country into an innovation hub, reliable and stable global partner, and a place for happy living.

How can we achieve the transformation together?

The positive change of Bulgaria can be achieved when:

  1. We think and act by the categories of success and belief in our capabilities. Moreover, we create an environment of trust and motivation in the society through our personal example, the language we use and our contributing actions. 
  2. We share the resources and bring together creative ideas and initiatives for economic and societal development.
  3. We recognize the role and contribution of everyone - organization, business, and the creators of constructive and innovative projects.
  4. We learn from the best in all fields.
  5. We share and hand down our experience in innovative practices and processes.
  6. We contribute collectively to assert the positive image of Bulgaria by popularizing organizations, people, and projects that solve tomorrow’s challenges.
  7. We participate in the European and the global process by engaging in thematic networks, sharing expert positions in thematic forums, spreading Bulgarian achievements and successful projects in international media and social media channels.

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