MOVE.BG Unites Innovative Startup and SME business via Innovation Ship

Micro, small, medium and startup companies from Bulgaria can participate in the unique study of the digital and innovative ecosystem in Bulgaria..

От МOVE.BG, публикувана на 19 септември 2019

MOVE.BG has launched the fourth edition of Innovation Ship - an annual national survey, which is the most comprehensive and detailed mapping of the Bulgarian digital and innovative startup ecosystem. It is conducted by MOVE.BG's program EDITan open digital network in support of the Bulgarian innovative micro, small, medium, and startup business.

The survey is open until October 10. Fill the questionnaire and you will have the chance to win one of our business-orientated awards. Let’s together show the needs of the environment in order to improve the ecosystem, to help Bulgarian projects, and our mission to make Bulgaria a European digital hub.

What is the Innovation Ship?

A study aimed at micro, small, medium and startup companies that offer products and services, empowered by digital and new technologies. It takes between 10 and 15 minutes to complete the questionnaire.

Why does the ecosystem need an Innovation Ship?

The study provides Bulgarian start-ups with a basis on which they can compare with each other in the environment and upgrade their potentially weaker business aspects. It provides a systematic picture of where Bulgaria is today in the development of the most viable part of our economy and it is a good base for promoting policies and systems for its support.

“ will continue to work for the unity and development of the digital ecosystem in Bulgaria, as well as to address key challenges facing startups - shortage of funds for growth, lack of appropriate partnerships and knowledge of the markets, lack of consistent state policies for support,” Sasha Bezuhanova, founder of MOVE.BG and EDIT, has said.

“This is the way of the new time - time traced by the creators of new knowledge. Path to the economic prosperity and prestige of Bulgaria.”


Participants in the survey will have the chance to receive one of our exclusive Innovation Ship 2019 Awards.

  • Exclusive Master Class Access: (invite only) for 10 companies;
  • Mentoring Hour: 3 Companies with a Mentor from the Founder Institute global network: Fundraising; Internationalization; Business Development;
  •  Content Production: 1 company will receive 6 promotional articles from Sofia Startup.

Innovation Ship 2018

Last year, 213 companies participated in the survey. Innovation Ship 2018 is available in English and Bulgarian.  It was presented at a special conference with the participation of all major stakeholders from the ecosystem. This year MOVE.BG's EDIT program will again host a special event to show the data from the new edition of Innovation Ship.

Join the Innovation Ship 2019 now! The deadline is October 10!


EDIT stands for Economic Development via Innovation and Technology and was initiated in 2016 by the MOVE.BG Foundation in partnership with a broad coalition of startup ecosystem stakeholders in Bulgaria. EDIT was created to address the needs of the micro, small and startup businesses in the information technology industry forming the fastest growing and most innovative economic sector of Bulgaria.

We are making our tomorrow together!

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