The Awakening We‘re Collectively Experiencing

We are simultaneously witnesses and participants in a process of vast transformation

От Sasha Bezuhanova, публикувана на 16 юни 2016

Illustrations by Rozalina Burkova

We live in a time of Fundamental Change.

Change that takes place in each and every one of us and is becoming all the more palpable.  It is a change of the surrounding world which frightens and challenges, and at the same time incites us to make brave new choices, to master new skills, to evolve and get ready to live in an environment devoid of all that we know and have been taught.

The root for this Change is the global interconnectedness that replaces the axioms of the world as we know it.  It dictates new ways and forms of communication, learning, business building, affiliation, but also personal realization.  It abolishes well-established rules to draws new boundaries for our actions.

We are simultaneously witnesses and participants in a process of vast transformation, enabled by the inevitable clash between the Institutionalized Old and the yet to be attested New.  This conflict manifests itself on all levels – economically, politically, socially as well as personally .

This leads to an incapacity of understanding the surrounding world in the usual manner, pushing us to embrace completely opposing views for the environment – from catastrophical to unrealistically optimistic ones. The world is seeking for a new balance through a complex process of destruction and creation, through opposition to the established mentality of fear and obedience and the ‘I win when you lose’ paradigm establishing new principles of connectedness, solidarity and sharing. The individual dimensions of this Change can be recognized on many levels.

Knowledge is readily available to everyone.

It is created by our mutual efforts online and the knowledge today is to access and apply it.

The success in business today is the products of our collective knowledge and intelligence.

In the platforms where we contribute, we benefit from the fact that we are together with our competitors and have the freedom as customers to choose and use all needed.

There is a shift in the very paradigm of competition and consumption.

The dated perception of the competitor as an enemy or an opponent is replaced with her role as of an ally on our path to success.  Individual success is only possible when it is part of the success of the community.  Further to this, the role of consumers has also reshaped. We now actively contribute to the improvement of the products we consume, though systems of loyalty and trust, which allows us while making our decisions as consumers to empower the decisions of others. This is a completely new philosophy of living – a life of co-creation and shared advancement. 

The political process is reshaping fundamentally too.  New digital tools of civic engagement presuppose institutional decision making. Informal leaders and ad-hoc networks built around a common cause transform politics, promote new public figures, empower formerly unknown individuals and even overthrow governments.  The importance of political parties is undermined by the power of the communities.

The global exchange is reforming the political map of the world.

For the first time since the Second World War the world order is questioned and social media are a key channel in this process. And if the constructive dimension of the global process is transnational campaigns that address the big issues facing the world such as climate change or world hunger  then the online world is a platform for promoting destructive neoconservative ideology and a distribution channel for propaganda and manipulation.  We are now witnessing an unprecedented war aiming to win the hearts and the minds of the people by aggression, opposition, fear, separation, false promises of an illusionary freedom and quick fixes by new saviors who combine the classic forms of violence and impact with the cyber power toolbox. That results in people full of pain, suffering, confusion and fear, and our attitude towards these people‘s destiny is the greatest provocation to our mutual solidarity. It is the most intense manifestation of the collision between the dated philosophy of dominance through submission and the new moral of success through shared creation and success  for the mutual benefit of society. The transforming world also changes the social dimension of life.


The online world is becoming more social than the real.

We try to find our identity on the Internet by selecting our causes and role models through an integrated process that makes us both leaders and followers. The lack of limits and boundaries in the virtual space is the ultimate test to our beliefs and moral framework.  It is our corrective, but is also what stimulates us to understand and participate in the development process of the a new a world, to adapt and strive improvement. The process of change is one of constant flow that forces outdated models out and makes room for new ones.  More and more are the people who realize and take part in establishing the new formula of balance in the world based on connectedness, solidarity and shared interest.  More people choose to follow this new life philosophy - a life of co-creation and shared success. It is a philosophy that stimulates the creation of a new definition of our human needs – to give uncoupled to what we receive back, the share and serve a common purpose, to create together in the name of the common prosperity. 

This is a novel impetus for our collective intelligence and a whole new dimension for our personal and societal growth. Many still fail to grasp the essence of this process of change and scared from the unknown look for safety in the all-too-familiar places.  Nonetheless, the awakening is happening.  Numerous are those who live and breath the values of these new times and embrace their role as agents of change. This change and consolidation of efforts is inevitable as it is empowered by its own authenticity.

MOVE.BG is a platform for this culture of Change

The meeting point of people who actively create and an incubator for the ideas that pave the way for the spirit of tomorrow, for happiness made real when shared.  We, at Move.BG create the environment to discuss topics significant to Bulgaria’s progress and success. We collaborate to shape sustainable development solutions, while uniting people and organizations that are already taking actions to implement such solutions.  We ensure that people who do good become known and promote this culture of achieving happiness through co-creation and sharing.

With us, Change is the only agenda and those awaken ones are the heroes and the Apostles of Change – both online and in real life. Beyond the limits of the known and the habitual, we are learning from the experience of each and every single new day. We recognize the magnitude and the direction of the Change in our lives and are happy witnesses and creators of a new world – the new world within and around us.


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