Urban Jungle: Composting anonymously Meetup vol.1

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Composting anonymously Meetup vol.1

- "It is winter time, can I compost citruses?"

- "How often should I mix up the contents of the composter?"

- "There are droplets under the compost lit. There is also a slight smell - are these signs of trouble?"

- "My compost smells like soil!"


Sounds familiar to you? You were most likely a participant in one of our composting workshops by City Experimentarium and MOVE.BG or you are part of our community in the Facebook group “Compost at Home with City Experimentatium”. Like every community, we launch a series of meetings during which we share successes and woes, inclusion processes and moments of uncertainty, personal discoveries and inspiration for composting and sustainable lifestyles.

The event is free of charge and welcomes everyone - an old and new composting friend, at Coworking by MOVE.BG, where we wish to answer any questions, to strengthen and build knowledge and skills, to share challenges and find solutions to various composting issues as part of our daily life in the city.

Since our space is limited, please keep your meeting room by filling out the following form:


Do not be hesitate to write long and hearty questions. Our goal is to be as useful as possible!

We believe that building and consolidating useful habits such as composting is a community venture - a shared process where the most important thing is to learn from each other.

We are expecting you!

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