Urban Jungle: Home composting vol.3

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Considering the high interest, in 2019 we continue with vol. 3 of the series of workshops for composting and feasibility of Permaculture as a way of life in the city.

♻ Trash ... or fertile soil, and that in the city? We invite you to look at "waste" as a valuable resource and together to produce a home composter that you can take home with you! In a series of workshops, City Experimentarium and MOVE.BG invite you to become researchers and together to recall our connection to Earth while sharing experiences, knowledge and skills for a more connected and harmonious life with others and nature.

♻ During Workshop #3: Composting at home, part of the Urban Jungle series by MOVE.BG, we will present what "permaculture" is, focusing on its particular application of composting in urban environment. We will discuss and exchange experiences about easy recycling techniques for food "waste" - on the terrace, in the kitchen or in the small courtyard.


The event is free and will be held in two parts: theoretical and practical.

If you want to leave with your personal, ready-to-use composter against the symbolic amount of BGN 7, please indicate your desire in the form so that we can predict the necessary materials. The amount we collect for composting materials is increased from $ 5 to $ 7 after the first two workshops, upon reversal calculation we established the need to deploy the resources we use.


Why Composting?

The food waste that we usually throw in gray containers is actually a valuable resource! The good news is that in our home we already produce everything necessary to create fertile soil, respectively - more useful food and more health and happiness in the urban environment. Together, we will see how composting is not just a simple daily action, part of the separate collection of "waste", but also a huge gesture of conscious and positive attitude towards nature, people and the environment in which we live.

Through a series of workshops we aim to gather and unite a community of people looking for an alternative to hectic, consumer life. We invite you to discover, exchange and implement more good practices for a sustainable lifestyle that fit our lifestyle. Join us and become part of our growing online community where we learn, experiment and share experiences together.


What is Permaculture?

♻ Caring for the land, caring for people and sharing abundance are the three simple ethics on which the way of life, called "permaculture" or "eternity" lays down. Philosophy, zen, sustainable agriculture, recycling, ecology, construction with natural materials and whatever else - all of this is part of the science of permaculture design. It is precisely its complexity and holistic approach to life that reminds us that we are all connected and interdependent - we, our people and our environment. It's that reminder – that I'm fine only when others around me are fine, including nature.

We are expecting you!

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